ToroDB Stampede

Bringing MongoDB to SQL

Natively connect to BI tools, make your aggregate queries up to 100x faster, migrate off of MongoDB to PostgreSQL or query with native SQL.

That's Stampede, and it's fully open source.

  • Replicates from MongoDB in real-time
  • Automagically designs the schema for you: no need to run tools or write the DDL
  • No blobs, no flattening: pure relational model

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ToroDB Technology

Closing the gap between NoSQL and SQL

The algorithm, the code that makes ToroDB bridge NoSQL and SQL. ToroDB reads a NoSQL document, automatically infers its structure, and transforms it into a set of tables and columns that represent the data into a relational form.

ToroDB is an open source project. If you are a developer, join our community and participate in one of the most challenging and game-changing database projects!

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