• 100x Faster

    MongoDB has performance issues when used for OLAP/DW queries. Stampede runs them up to 100x faster.

  • Schema-more

    Stampede automagically finds the schema of your MongoDB data and presents it as relational tables and columns.

  • SQL

    The lingua franca of data querying. Native, advanced, standard. Huge ecosystem.
    Bring NoSQL to real SQL.

  • Seamless

    Stampede is just a hidden secondary node of your MongoDB replica set. No need to design any DDL. Plug&Play!

What may I use Stampede for?

  • BI Connector

    No proprietary connector required. No proxies. No initial and data refresh commands required. Just directly connect to a native SQL backend.

  • MongoDB to PostgreSQL

    Live migration off of MongoDB to PostgreSQL. DDL automagically generated by Stampede. It's really that easy!

  • Your SQL replica

    A node in your MongoDB replica set that is a SQL replica. Query with SQL, leverage the SQL ecosystem of visualization, reporting, security tools.


100x faster? Best-case scenario that's benchmarketing, worst-case that's bulls**t. Right? Well, actually it can be much faster than 100x.

Check out our benchmarks. There's no trick! It's not a secret that MongoDB has issues with aggregate queries. Still don't believe it? Give it a try! Send us your queries. Let us know what your performance is.

It's so fast that a single Stampede node on PostgreSQL typically outperforms a MongoDB sharded cluster with several nodes. And if you add MongoDB's BI Connector in front... well... we can't speak about it :( But it's not hard to guess.

Fully open source

Forever. Licensed under the AGPLv3. Check the source code on Github.

No proprietary software needed. Free your data, structure your unstructured data, with a pure open source solution.

Stampede is built with open source components. We also want to contribute back to the open source community.

Feel free to contact us if you may require an enterprise license and/or commercial support.


ToroDB Stampede is now in its first 1.0.0 release. This version is our first GA release.

You may encounter some issues while running Stampede. If this would be the case, please report to the mailing list and/or raise an issue on Github.

Thank you for all your effort in testing the beta GA releases. Your help is very much appreciated!

ToroDB Stampede User Documentation