Installation With Binaries

The fastest way to install ToroDB Stampede is to use the binary distribution.

Before starting, make sure the prerequisites are met.


The script below executes the following steps:

  1. Download the binary distribution here.

  2. Extract it

  3. Start it using the default configuration (assuming .toropass in the home directory)


tar xjf torodb-stampede-*.tar.bz2

export TOROHOME="$(pwd)/torodb-stampede-*"


Configure as a Linux systemd Service

You can install ToroDB Stampede as a systemd service following the next steps:

sudo ln -s "$TOROHOME/bin/torodb-stampede" /usr/bin/.

sudo useradd -M -d "$TOROHOME" torodb

sudo cp "$TOROHOME/systemd/torodb-stampede.service.sample" /lib/systed/system/torodb-stampede.service

Manage systemd service

Starting the service

Make shure you have enable ToroDB Stampede service. To enable the service just run:

sudo systemctl enable torodb-stampede

To start the service run:

sudo systemctl start torodb-stampede
Stopping the service

To stop ToroDB Stampede service:

sudo systemctl stop torodb-stampede
Accessing the Logs

To view logs of ToroDB Stampede service:

sudo journalctl --no-pager -u torodb-stampede

Following logs:

sudo journalctl --no-pager -u torodb-stampede -f

View all logs:

sudo journalctl --no-tail --no-pager -u torodb-stampede


Follow these steps to download and start ToroDB Stampede using the default configuration (assuming .toropass in the home directory):

  1. Download the binary distribution from here
  2. Decompress the downloaded Zip file in the desired ToroDB Stampede directory (%TOROHOME%)
  3. Execute the command C:\>%TOROHOME%\bin\torodb-stampede or double-click on the torodb-stampede.bat file in folder bin