Installation With Docker

To run ToroDB Stampede in a Docker container, you can either download the container(s) from the Docker repository or build it from the ToroDB sources.

Installation From The Docker Repository

With Docker Image

If .toropass file is created the docker containers can be launched with the following command:

docker run -ti -v `realpath <postgres-credentials-file>`:/root/.toropass torodb/stampede

If you configured the PostgreSQL database with ToroDB Stampede default's, you can just provide the password in an environment variable:


docker run -ti torodb/stampede

With Docker Compose

Download and execute the Docker Compose file:


docker-compose up

From Source Code


To get the ToroDB Stampede source code, clone it via Git:

git clone

The Maven configuration provides tasks to build Docker containers for ToroDB Stampede and its dependencies.

mvn clean package -P prod,docker -Ddocker.skipbase=false

mvn -f stampede/main/pom.xml -P docker-stampede-fullstack docker:run -Ddocker.follow

If network (or other) errors occur, it often helps to disable the Docker cache as shown below.

mvn clean package -P prod,docker -Ddocker.skipbase=false -Ddocker.nocache=true