Installation Prerequisites

ToroDB Stampede's correct operation depends on a number of known dependencies, in the next table more information on how to install and manage them is provided.

Runtime Dependencies

Description External links
MongoDB To act as replication source. more info
Replica set configuration ToroDB Stampede receives data from a MongoDB replica set. A single-node replica set is sufficient. more info
PostgreSQL The relational backend to store the normalized data in. more info
Java ToroDB Stampede is written in Java so a Java Runtime Environmen (JRE) required to run it. more info

PostgreSQL Configuration

The ToroDB Stampede default configuration expects a new PostgreSQL user named torodb and a new PostgreSQL database named torod. You can configure other names, of course. The following examples demo creating a user and database that matches the ToroDB Stampede default configuration.


createuser -S -R -D -P --interactive torodb

createdatabase -O torodb torod


In macOS and Windows the user and database can be created using an administration connection with psql command (do not forget to change <password> with the chosen passowrd).

CREATE USER torodb WITH PASSWORD '<password>';


Creating a .toropass File

ToroDB Stampede reads the database credentials (user name and password) from the file .toropass in the home directory (configurable via the toropassFile setting).

The following example configures ToroDB Stampede to connect to a PostgreSQL database running on the same machine (localhost) at the default port 5432. The remaining settings are the database, username and password respectively.


Whoever can read the .toropass file can access the SQL backend. Make sure the access rights are set properly on the .toropass file.

Format of .toropass File

Create .toropass file in the home path with the content below (do not forget to change <password> with the chosen passowrd).


Create .toropass File via Script on Linux/macOS

read -s -p "Enter password:" PASSWORD
echo "localhost:5432:torod:torodb:$PASSWORD" > "$HOME/.toropass"
chmod 0400 "$HOME/.toropass"

Create .toropass File via Script on Windows

set PASSWORD=<password>
echo localhost:5432:torod:torodb:%PASSWORD%>%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\.toropass